How To Remove Grey Background in Word Effectively?

You are short of time to submit your assignment, copy-paste all the materials and other figures from the internet, and then you notice the weird grey background! Well, that's a pretty awful situation, and most of the time, you panic, thinking why things are going out of your way.

Well, a grey background appears mostly when you copy-paste material from the internet for various sites. Here's where you would be looking for how to remove grey background in Word, and I have covered you all with it!

Method 1: Remove the Grey Background in Word using the Shading Feature

The shading feature applies background color to the text. You can change it as per the document theme and even select one from the color wheel. Besides, it updates when you change the theme of your document.

Yet, if you have a grey background in Word, you can use the Shading feature to remove it effectively.

Here's how you can do so:

  • Select the text that has a grey background picture-1.jpg
  • Go to the Home tab and click the Shading icon picture-2.jpg
  • Choose No Color from the menu picture-3.jpg This removes the background shading that is the yellow color of the text you selected. The Shading feature is an effective way to do so!

Method 2: Word Remove Text Background Color Using the Clear All Formatting Feature

If you don't know why the grey background appears after copy-pasting text on Word, it is because the text copies the formatting from its source. Therefore, you can remove the grey background using the Clear All Formatting feature.

  • Select the text whose formatting you want to remove picture-4.jpg
  • Click the Clear Formatting icon from the Format tab to remove the grey background picture-5.jpg This clears the source formatting from the text you have!

However, it clears all the formatting like font, font size, line, and letter spacing. Therefore, if you don't want to remove other formatting but only the background, you should follow the next method!

Method 3: Clear Grey Background in Word with Borders and Shading Feature

The Borders and Shading feature is slightly different from method 1. With the Shading feature, you can change the grey color of text. But if the color is a bit more and isn't completely wiped off from the background, then Borders would have been applied. Here's where the feature clears the grey color completely.

  • Select the text containing a grey background


  • Navigate to the Home tab, and near the Font styles, click the four-boxed icon


  • Scroll down to Borders and Shading


  • In the Shading menu, you will see the default grey color applied to the selected text


  • Click the white-colored square if the document background is white, or click the No color option to remove the grey background in Word

Thus, with the easy-peasy method, you have removed the grey color from the text background without altering the rest of the formatting.

Well, doing so for text is easy in Word Processing softwares, and there are plenty of methods to execute it. However, things become problematic if you want to remove background from photos. Let's check more about it!

Bonus Tip: How To Remove Background From Photos

When you want to remove the background from photos, you would know that only full-fledged photo editing tools offer it. Besides, even those who need a subscription or have limited credits.

Free tools like remove. bg don't download high-quality pictures, while PhotoRoom leaves a watermark. You can use MS Office applications for the same, yet the file extension is different, and these often don't have precision.

Yet, I've tested and compiled the best methods to remove the background from your photo.

Step 1: Remove Background from Photo Online

The best way is to use an online tool that quickly removes background from photos in a few seconds. Besides, I've found only one helpful method that doesn't blur the edges of cutouts. It precisely makes a transparent PNG of it. Imagewith.AI Outcut AI is the ideal tool for it!

Here's how you can do so:


  • Click Upload Image and select the one whose background you want to remove


  • The transparent PNG will appear; click the Download button to save the image on your device


Further, if you want to make some changes in the selected background image or object, then tap the Edit button to do so! You can even add a colored background behind the object to make it more appealing.

But, if you find the transparent background too empty, then there's another workaround. You would want that the background should remain, yet only a few things shouldn't be there. Here's where you can use an alternative instead of removing the background.

Alternative: Remove Objects from Photos with Imagewith.AI Clearoff

When you don't remove the complete background but only select unwanted objects, then you can do it efficiently. This doesn't require any Photoshop or graphic designing skills. All you need to do is use your device browser with the image whose objects you wish to remove.

Below-mentioned is the full procedure for it:


  • Click Upload Image and choose the photo whose objects you wish to remove


  • Tap the unnecessary objects, and they will be erased in a fraction of a seconds


  • Click the Download button to save it on your device


Clearoff is a highly efficient tool that removes objects using a tapping and drawing feature. Besides, it removes the objects precisely, thus erasing defects and abnormalities.

But you would have noticed that the input images aren't generally HD. So, you should enhance them into high-quality ones and not only HD.

Step 2: Enhance Your Photo Using Overscale AI

Several image enhancement tools upscale your image. But you choose one which sets it to 2K and 4K resolution. Yet, there is one drawback: transparent PNGs get a black background with most of these tools. This makes your image ineffective. Here's where Overscale AI comes into the picture.

The tool upscales transparent PNGs without adding a black or any other background and can enhance to 2K and 4K resolution.

Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Go to the link given Overscale

  • Click Upload Image and choose the transparent PNG or removed object image you want to enhance

  • Tap on 2x or 4x slider and click Overscale

The 2x upscales image to 2K while 4x does it to 4K resolution.


The Final Word

When you had searched for Word remove text background color, you would have got your answer! There are three ways to do so: using the Shading feature or the Clear Formatting option. The latter often clears the letter/line spacing and such aspects.

So, if you want to avoid it, you should use the Borders and Shading feature, which doesn't alter the rest of the formatting. Thus, it eliminates the text background in Word.

Besides, regarding photos, Imagewith.AI has revolutionized this pace with its effective, free, and reliable tools.

You can remove the background using Outcut or erase objects with Clearoff. Further, upscale the output image with Overscale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is gray shading behind my text in Word?

Gray shading appears behind your text in Word when you copy-paste from the internet, and it also uses its formatting.

How do I get rid of gray Shading from behind text in Word?

To remove gray Shading from behind text in Word, you should go to the Shading options and set it to white or no color.

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