Top 4 Methods to Remove Background in Illustrator Easily

Do you want to extract a graphic from an Image, but opening vector software with lots of tools and tabs confuses you? Well, that's how most of you would know Adobe Illustrator! Yet, being a renowned vector editing software, you must be learning it.

Plus, its background remover feature is more exceptional than that of Photoshop. If you want to remove background Illustrator, we have covered you all with it!

There are plenty of similar guides available, yet we aim to provide the simplest solution to make things easier for you! So, without any further ado, let's dig into the details!

How to Remove Background Illustrator?

There are several methods to remove background in Illustrator. However, each has its drawbacks, so let's study each singly!

Method 1: How to Make an Image Transparent in Illustrator Using Image Trace?

The Image Trace feature is one of the most straightforward methods to make an image transparent in Illustrator. Thus, whether it be stickers or cutouts, you can make it easily using cutouts. Though Illustrator works on vector art, it can convert pixelated images into vectors.

Here's how the feature works:

  • Go to Illustrator and Upload the file from your computer
  • Navigate to the View tab and select Show Transparency Grid
  • A checkerboard background will appear immediately
  • Expand the Window tab and choose Image Trace from the dropdown menu
  • From the left toolbar, click the Selection tool (outlined arrow icon) and click the image to select it
  • Head over to the Image Trace window and select High Fidelity Photo from it

Select High Fidelity Photo in Preset

  • Select from the two presets to choose how your image should be
  • Click Object and select Expand from the drop-down menu to convert the image into Vector format
  • Click the Direct Selection (solid arrow icon) from the Toolbar, click the image, and choose the background you wish to remove
  • Press the Del key
  • During Export, checkbox the Background Transparent and export it as a PNG or .EPS file

It is noteworthy that Illustrator converts the vector back into a pixelated image depending on the export option. Yet, some loss of quality occurs often depending upon the image quality!

Method 2: How to Remove White Background in Illustrator Using Pen Tool?

You must use the Pen Tool if the above method doesn't accurately select the background. Yes, Illustrator has several options that make things easier. It gives you precise control over the image background!

Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Open your object and press Z to zoom in
  • Press P or select the fountain pen icon from the left toolbar to choose the Pen Tool
  • Click precisely around the image to trace the outline, and each of them will drop a dot
  • Click the Anchor points to form an outline
  • Press V on the keyboard to use the Select tool
  • Press and hold Shift, click the image, and then outline
  • Right-click the outline and select Create Clipping Mask

Click Make Clipping Mask

It will remove the background, and only the foreground remains.

Further, click on File > Save As > Save to export the image.

Method 3: How to Cut Out An Image in Illustrator Using the Magic Wand?

If you already have a Vector file to remove background, use the Magic Wand feature. However, it shouldn't be too complicated to make a cutout.

Follow the steps given below to cut out an image in Illustrator Using Magic Wand for easy vector art:

  • Click the part of the image that you want to remove
  • For more elements in the image, press, hold, and click the vector elements you wish to remove
  • Press the Del key to delete the background and other elements you want to drop

You can get a precise cutout easily in Magic Wand, but it isn't suitable for complex images!

Method 4: How to Delete Background in Illustrator By Saving as EPS Files?

Illustrator is the go-to tool for creating logos; saving it without a white background is essential. Here's where saving the logos as EPS Files helps!

Follow the steps given below to leverage this feature:

  • Expand the File tab and select Save As from the drop-down menu
  • Choose Illustrator EPS from the pop-up menu
  • Click the Save option
  • Select Tiff (8-bit Color) from the further menu, and a preview will show up
  • Click the transparent background and press OK

Illustrator will now export your logo as an EPS file!

How to Remove Background from Image Using Outcut in ImageWith.AI?

Though Illustrator is a great tool, it suffers from many drawbacks, and a newbie cannot use it to make their images transparent. Further, it does lack automation and accuracy as some of its algorithms are obsolete. Here's where** ImageWith.AI Outcut**, with its advanced algorithms and high previously and HD upload, is your rescue!

Let's learn to remove background from an image easily:

Step 1: Visit the AI website

Click the link to open ImageWith.AI Outcut in your mobile/desktop browser, as you don't need to install an application for it

Interface of ImageWith.AI Outcut

Step 2: Upload Image

Once you see the Outcut AI interface, click the Upload Image option. Now, choose the File you wish to upload

Step 3: Removes Background from Image

After you upload the image, the tool automatically identifies the areas it has to remove. Further, it even meticulously looks at finer details to work with precision.

Now, it has automatically removed the background from your image.

The image with the background removed

Step 4: Download Image

Next, click the Download Image option and select the format you wish to download.

What is The Best Way to Remove Background from Images?

So far, we have looked at different ways to remove background from images. There are some for Illustrator while others for Imagewith.AI Outcut feature! But which is the best way to remove background from images? Let's have a detailed comparison!

Using Image Trace in Illustrator 

Using the Pen Tool of Adobe Illustrator 

Using the Magic Wand of Illustrator 

Save As .EPS Illustrator 

Using Outcut AI of Imagewith.AI 

Suitable For 

Vectors and Images 

Vectors and Images 

Simple Vectors 


All types of images 


Installation of Adobe Illustrator Software on PC or Mac 

Installation of Adobe Illustrator Software 

Installation of Adobe Illustrator Software 

Installation of Adobe Illustrator Software 

A browser with stable internet connectivity 


  • Paid Software
  • Needs Expertise 
  • Time-consuming 
  • Sometimes shows inaccuracy
  • Requires accurate manual outline tracing 
  • Cannot remove background from pixelated images
  • Only for logos or objects with a white background 
  • Doesn't let you select the foreground or background 
  • Internet connection is a must for accessing it 

From the above table, **Outcut AI of Imagewith.AI **is the best for removing background from images. There are plenty of reasons for this:

  • Doesn't Requires Special Expertise

The other mentioned methods require you to know Adobe Illustrator. Further, you must be efficient enough to remove the background correctly. For instance, the Pen Tool requires you to trace the image outline to remove the background.

On the other hand, Outcut AI is simple and easy to use. Any beginner can use it easily with a few clicks and make the image transparent.

  • Free to Use

Adobe Illustrator is a licensed software; you must purchase it to use the tool. On the other hand, Outcut is a free tool that can easily remove the background from your images.

  • Doesn't Have Special Device Requirements

Illustrator is a heavy software; it cannot run on standard laptops or desktop computers. Therefore, you need a high-end laptop or desktop computer, which is expensive.

In contrast, Outcut AI does not have any special device requirements. You can access it on a nominal Android phone with any browser and stable internet connectivity.

  • Saves Time

Removing backgrounds in Illustrator is time-consuming due to the series of steps involved in the process. Here's where Outcut does the work in a few seconds.

  • Multiple Export Options

Outcut AI offers more options to export the file quickly than Illustrator, irrespective of the format of the source image.

  • No Lossy Editing

Since Illustrator is for vector arts, it converts the image first into vector form, makes it transparent, and again converts it into the source format. However, depending upon the picture, it often results in loss of quality by lossy compression or making the images stretched.

On the other hand, Outcut supports vectors and pixelated images, resulting in no lossy editing.

Hence, you would have now gained clarity into why the advanced algorithms of Outcut in ImageWith.AI are better than the renowned Illustrator software.

The Bottom Line

If you were looking for ways to remove background Illustrator, you would have got your answer! There are four ways to do so: Image Trace, Pen tool, Magic Wand, and saving as an EPS file. However, to use Illustrator, you should have expertise in graphic design and even need a high-end laptop or desktop computer.

Further, to make the image transparent, you must follow a series of steps that consume a lot of time and may or may not give the expected results. Here's where Outcut in ImageWith.AI is simple and easy to use, supports all kinds of images, and implements things in a few seconds. Moreover, there are no special requirements to use it!