How to Change the Background Color of an Image

A good background can either make or break a photograph. To the untrained eye, an image background might seem like a trivial matter. However, the truth is that mastering the art of effective backgrounds is one of the fastest and foolproof ways to improve both a photograph and your photography skills. The background can either illuminate and add context to the subject or simply distract from it.

Simply put, the background has a major impact on the composition of a photo. Images with a distracting background look cluttered and amateur. On the other hand, intentional backgrounds enhance the entire composition of the picture and infuse it with meaning. There are, of course, various ways to create striking backgrounds that are relevant and do justice to the overall image composition. One easy way is to use a cleaning tool and change the background color of an image. How to do so? Let us find out!

Top 5 Characteristics of a Good Background

Before delving into the simplest way of changing the background of an image, let us look at some of the traits that define a good background. To begin with, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to deciding the ideal background for an image. However, all good backgrounds do share some common characteristics.

1.Fewer Distractions

If you ever observe the backdrops of some of the world’s most renowned pictures and paintings, you will notice that their backgrounds are often simple. Thus, it makes more sense to keep the background minimal for your photographs, as well.

The best backgrounds are those that are emblematic of a painting’s canvas. You want the canvas to be clean and clutter-free so that viewers focus intently on the subject. In addition, the background for any photograph should also not feature too many colors or patterns, as it helps keep things clean and creates a visual contrast between the subject and their surroundings.

2.Strategic Use of Negative Space

As we had mentioned, there is no ‘golden rule’ when it comes to curating the perfect background image. The strategic use of negative space can bolster the beauty of a background by leaps and bounds. Negative spaces play a pivotal role in photo composition and can be strategically used to isolate the subject from the rest of the image.

The ‘visual breathing room’ compels the eyes of the viewer to focus on the main point of interest in the photograph. Another benefit of opting for an image background with negative space is that you get more flexibility when it comes to photo composition.

3.Good Backgrounds Provide Context

The background of an image need not always be a passive element. Some of the best backgrounds often have a story to tell. For instance, when the messy elements of a photograph are too much to handle, you can simply co-opt them to tell a story about your subject and to set the mood and tone of the photograph.

Furthermore, another misconception that needs to be cleared is that good backgrounds are always scenic and conventionally picturesque. Well, most expert editors and photographers will tell you otherwise. A good background is more than just blue skies; it is any scenario that fosters the story the picture is trying to convey.

4.Good Backgrounds are Mindful of Lines

The fourth feature of a good background is that it is always mindful of the lines. Whether it is lines that outline buildings, lamp pots, or even the horizon, their strategic use is what sets an intentional background apart from a disheveled one. One pro tip is to ensure that lines do not cut through the subject’s head. The photo must be framed in a way that the line is placed below or above the head of the subject.

5.A Good Background Has Patterns

Last but not least, the fifth hallmark of a good background is the recurrence of patterns. Humans respond well to patterns because the subconscious mind loves to put things in order. So, some of the most visually captivating images have backgrounds that are geometrically aligned, thereby creating a sense of balance and harmony in the photo.

But, it is noteworthy to mention that it is not the structure of the pattern that matters, but how the subject is strategically used to break that sense of uniformity. Disrupting symmetry strategically is how you grab the attention of the viewer.

Now that we have touched upon the basics of a good background, let us delve into the crux of our topic - changing the color of an image’s background!

Changing the Background Color of an Image with ImageWith.AI Outcut

In 2023, one can find an array of photo editing apps. But, most of them are either very complicated or too basic to be of any use. But, your search for an intelligent photo editing tool ends with ImageWith.AI Outcut.

 ImageWith.AI Outcut

It stands head and shoulders above the competition in the panoramic landscape of photo editing tools. Equipped with an array of high-tech and performance-driven features, ImageWith.AI Outcut is revolutionizing how you can alter the background of images and change their colors.

The steps you can follow to change the color of an image background with ImageWith.AI Outcut are

Change the color of an image background with ImageWith.AI Outcut

●Step 1 - Upload the Image

The first step is to simply upload the image by clicking on the ‘click upload’ option. After the process is complete, Outcut’s AI algorithm carefully evaluates the image’s composition and colors. Then, the foreground and subject are identified and elements that should be removed from the background are marked.

Change the color of an image background with ImageWith.AI Outcut

●Step 2 - Change the Background Color or Remove Other Elements

Outcut’s AI background remover will automatically remove the background in your image. After the original background has been removed, you are just left with the image subject and foreground on a transparent background. Thereafter, you can overlay the image on a solid color of your choice. In addition, you can overlay a new background or even custom-design your background.

Outcut’s AI background remover

●Step 3 - Download the Image

Lastly, download the image as per your desired format in just 1 click. Voila, changing the background color of an image is so simple with Outcut.

Benefits of Changing the Background Color of an Image

Let us wrap up the post by checking out some of the benefits of changing the background color of images,

●Enhanced Visual Impact

If the background of an image is not vivacious enough or if it is too distracting and chaotic, then the overall impact of the image becomes limited. In such a context, changing the background becomes crucial and in fact, a saving grace. By altering elements of the background, such as its contrast, tone, texture, and more, you can provide the image with increasing depth and complexity.

●Your Photos Become Multi-functional

Anybody who has basic knowledge or experience in the design industry will understand the importance of photographs. However, clicking multiple photos for different campaigns can be a tiring and expensive ordeal. In such a situation, you can always play around with the background of an image. If you want to use the same photograph for multiple campaigns, you can simply change the color of the background or customize it as per the new mandates.

Moreover, you can also change the purpose of the image by making subtle tweaks in the background. For instance, you can easily edit the background with Outcut to make the photo appropriate for Instagram, Facebook ads, email marketing and more. In all honesty, the sky's the limit, and you can even transform one single image into flyers, leaflets, brochures, etc., with just a few clicks.

●Make Sure that Your Subject Gets Justice

Lastly, by changing the color of the background or overlaying it with a customized design, you are making sure that the subject of the photo along with its message gets justice. A simple step ensures that the purpose of the image is served and your campaign checks all the right boxes.

Wrapping It Up

So, there we have it, a crisp overview on how to change the background color of an image. In today’s day and age, when visual content and visual media are everything, being careless with images and their backgrounds is not even a remote option. The fact that 80 percent of our cognition, perception, and activities are filtered by visionary senses means that there is no shortcut when it comes to creating the perfect photograph. Along with clicking the most captivating shots, the ensuing work of editing the picture is equally paramount.

With ImageWith.AI Outcut, the sky is the limit when it comes to editing the background of any photograph. From simply changing colors to adding a new background and custom designing an entirely new backdrop, the tool is like having a professional photo editor by your side. So, wait no more, try out Outcut today and see the wonderful magic for yourself.


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