How to Easily Remove Backgrounds from Images & GIFs in 2024

We've all needed to remove backgrounds from an Image or GIF file but wondered how. An editing tool will quickly help you do so. But which tool is best?

The post answers all these questions by guiding you on what to consider before choosing an editing tool. We will also review some of our top picks and highlight our favorite tools for these picks. Let us dive in.

What are GIF Backgrounds?

GIFs are a popular file format for creating animated images. They're used to produce engaging content on websites, social media, and more. GIFs are characterized by transparent backgrounds, meaning that images float above any background it is placed on.

However, there are GIFs with solid backgrounds that can distract or clash with the design background.

Types of GIF Backgrounds

GIF backgrounds, like any other images, can come in various types and styles. The type of GIF background you choose depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some common types of GIF backgrounds:

  • Still Backgrounds: These are GIFs with a picture that doesn't move. It's like a regular, unchanging image you might use as your computer's wallpaper.
  • Moving Backgrounds: These GIFs have animations in the background, like a waving flag or a flickering candle. They add motion to your screen.
  • Pattern Backgrounds: These GIFs have repeating designs, like stripes or polka dots. They give your screen a fun, decorative look.
  • Artistic Backgrounds: These GIFs are like colorful, creative paintings. They might not look like anything specific, but they are visually attractive.
  • Nature and Scenic Backgrounds: These are backgrounds with pictures of natural places, like a forest or a starry night. They can make your screen feel peaceful.
  • Gradient Backgrounds: These GIFs change colors smoothly, like a sunset. They can be subtle or bold, depending on the colors used.
  • Texture Backgrounds: These GIFs have patterns resembling different materials, such as wood or fabric. They add depth to your screen.
  • Particle Backgrounds: These backgrounds have things like falling snow or floating bubbles. They can make your screen look magical.
  • Underwater and Space Backgrounds are like being underwater or in outer space. They make your screen feel like a different world.
  • Cinemagraphs: Cinemagraphs are a mix of still images and small moving parts. They create a unique and captivating effect.
  • Interactive Backgrounds: Some GIFs change when you touch them, like moving with your mouse. They make your screen feel alive.
  • Custom Backgrounds: People and businesses create GIF backgrounds to match their style or message.

When you pick a GIF background, think about how it fits with what you want to show. Choose one that makes your content look its best. What happens if you want to remove the background from gif or image? Let’s look and find out.

Why Should You Remove the GIF Background?

Removing background from a GIF makes it easier and more versatile to use in different designs.

It enables the image to blend effortlessly into the background to create a more polished and professional look.

Removing the background can reduce the size, which is beneficial when optimizing your site for more traffic.

Let's delve more;

Removing backgrounds from GIFs isn't just about making your images look cleaner – it's like giving your GIFs a backstage pass to the spotlight.

Highlight the Star

Think of your GIF as a movie star on a red carpet. Removing the background is like dimming the flashy paparazzi and ensuring all the attention is on your GIF's fabulous performance.


Your GIF can go places once you've stripped away that pesky background! You can use it on websites, presentations, or even memes without worrying about it clashing with the surroundings.

Seamless Integration

Removing the background can effortlessly blend into any setting, making it look like it was born to be there.

Professional Touch

Whether you're making a video for a project or sharing a fun GIF with friends, a clean, background-free look adds a touch of professionalism, even if your GIF is dancing cats.

Storytelling Magic

A clear background lets you tell your GIF's story with more impact. It's like having a clean canvas for your masterpiece – you can focus on what matters most.

Best places to find Royalty Free GIFs

GIPHY-the Best places to find Royalty Free GIFs Planning to use GIFs in your marketing process? We suggest using a royalty-free GIF. This means you're protecting yourself and your business.

Royalty Free allows you to use the image for free and commercial purposes without referencing the owner. Giphy is the best place to find Royalty Free GIFs.

You can save GIF on Giphy by simply right-clicking on the GIF and choosing "Save image as."

Choosing the Right GIF

Choosing the suitable GIF is the most crucial step to a smooth and successful background removal journey.

When Choosing a GIF to work magic on, here are some factors to consider.

Clear as Day

Go for a GIF with its main subject standing out from the background.

High Resolution

Be sure to choose GIFs with high image quality. They make the editing process more accessible.

Avoid chaotic background; isolating the subject will be challenging if a GIG has too many busy scenes with many details.

Spot the Issue

Keep an eye out for messy, intricate, or cluttered backgrounds. They're the culprits. They're the pieces of a puzzle you should remove.

Transparency Potential

Confirm if the background has multiple colors and textures or is uniform.

Foreground Clues

In some trickier cases, the subject may overlap with the background. This will require extra attention.

How do you remove the background from GIFs and images in a general way?

The background can be removed from an image or GIF using various tools and methods. Here are two standard methods that you can use to remove a background from an image:

Using Online Free Background Removers

You know what's pretty cool? These websites can help you quickly remove the background in your pictures. It's almost like magic! So, imagine you have a picture. Well, you can go to a website like Imagewith.AI‘s Outcut. There, you upload your image. The website's tool will do all the heavy lifting for you. It figures out the subject and background in your picture. After a short wait, the background disappears, leaving you with just your subject. You can then save the edited image and use it however you like. These tools work great when your subject stands out clearly from the background, like a person against a simple wall.

Using Image Editing Apps

If you want more control and don't mind spending some time learning, you can try software like Photoshop. It's like a digital canvas for artists. You open your picture in Photoshop with special tools, like a "Magic Wand." These tools help you pick out the part you want to keep: your subject. Then, you tell the software to remove everything else: your background. It's similar to carefully cutting out a shape from a piece of paper. Once you're done, you save your image and have your subject without the background. This method is incredible for images with complex subjects or when you want precise control, but it might take some practice to get good at using the software.

So, these are how regular folks like you and me get rid of image backgrounds. You can now easily choose a method that fits your needs and skills.

How to remove GIF background in After Effects

Although this is a little complex, you can also remove background from your GIF using After Effects.

  • First off, create a new composition. Create a new composition

  • You'll need the After Effect's Roto Brush tool, except your screen background is green.

  • Upload your GIF or drag and drop a video from your PC into the project on the left side of After Effects.

  • Once uploaded, draft the video into your timeline. Draft the video into your timeline

  • Go ahead to the Roto Brush tool located at the top left side of the toolbar. Go ahead to the Roto Brush tool located at the top left side of the toolbar

  • Then, double-click on the video and start painting inside the person or image you want to keep in the GIF.

  • After painting inside the person or image, release the mouse, and you'll have the edges appear pink. Release the mouse, and you'll have the edges appear pink

  • In the event of any bleeds, click on 'option' and paint the areas you want removed with the background.

  • Once completed, the pink outline will move to show the areas that will be kept.

  • Beneath the video is a green bar. Beneath the green bar is also a gray bar, which indicates the area of the video where Royo Brush will function.

  • Drag it, along with the whole timeline, to the right to apply the effect on the entire video.

  • Click in the space to save the changes. Keep in mind that it'll take a few minutes.

Click in the space to save the changes Now, you'll notice that the background of your GIF has been removed.

To set up a transparent background, click on the >Toggle Transparency Grid; a transparent background will be added immediately.

Next, export the video in GIF format.

  • Go to >File> Export> Add to Render Queue.   Go to >File> Export> Add to Render Queue
  • Then, your render settings will show up in the render queue. Select > Render Settings> Best settings. Select > Render Settings> Best settings
  • Then select> output Module. Be sure to set your channel to> QuickTime. Select> output Module
  • The channel should be set to> RGB+Alpha.
  • Set the Depth to > Millions of colors+.
  • Apply the above settings and press> Save.

The video will now be rendered.

  • Next is to open Photoshop. Drag and drop the GIF file which you exported from After Effects. Drag and drop the GIF file which you exported from After Effects

  • After uploading the videos to Photoshop, click on >File> Export> Save for Web (Legacy). Click on >File> Export> Save for Web

  • Select> Original, then change preset to >GIF 126 Dithered. Be sure to select the Transparency box. Select> Original, then change preset to >GIF 126 Dithered

  • Then press> Save.

There you go! We've discussed how to remove the background of a GIF online. It turns out it's complex with the After Effects and Photoshop, so if you're a fan of a quick fix, hop over to Unscreen.

Which Are the Best Tools for Removing Backgrounds from Images and GIFs?

Name of Tool

Available Configuration 


Pricing & Availability 

AI Image Editor(Imagewith.AI)


  • AI Image upscale
  • Automatic background removal
  • AI photo restoration
  • AI Portrait enhancer
  • AI removal of unwanted objects

Free and paid versions

Adobe Photoshop 

Desktop app, Mac, Android and iOS

  • Selective color adjustments
  • Image editing
  • Color management
  • Gradient interpolation
  • Vibrance adjustment
  • Pattern painting 

Free and premium version 

Viva Video

Desktop, Mac, and Android 

  • Trimming
  • Merging
  • Splitting
  • Speed control
  • Multiple filters and stickers 
  • Smart Video templates

Free and premium version 



  • Image sharing to hosting websites
  • Background removal
  • Image editing 




  • Create gifs
  • Gif editing
  • Speed emoji
  • Image editing: cropping, resizing, aspect ratio, stickers




  • Special effects
  • Add stickers
  • Cropping and resizing
  • Image optimization 


AI Image Editor(Image with.AI’s Outcut)- Best online tools to remove background from Image

AI Image Editor(Image with.AI’s Outcut)- Best online tools to remove background from Image

Are you looking for a user-friendly image editor? Imagewith.AI has got you covered with just a few clicks. It offers a range of helpful features for working with images.

One of its standout features is Overscale, which uses AI to enhance your images automatically. It's effortless to use, thanks to the AI doing all the work for you.

And there's more - the Clearoff feature adds the icing on the cake. It makes removing unwanted elements from your image easy, providing excellent results in just a few clicks.

Imagewith.AI also has a user-friendly control panel, and you can access a free account. If you want to unlock even more helpful features, you can choose premium with different credit plans.

To remove image backgrounds using Imagewith.AI, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the online site: on your web browser, open the imagewith.AI website to get started.
  • Select the image you want to edit: choose the image you want to edit from your device. You can upload it, paste the link, or drop its image file.
  • Wait for some seconds for the image to upload. The AI automatically identifies the image and removes the background.
  • Save your project: Click "download" at the bottom to save the image on your device. The Interface of Imagewith.AI Clearoff Feature

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop- A widely used image editing tool Adobe Photoshop is a widely used software featuring advanced functionalities across different platforms. You have to be tech-savvy with the software to use its features thoroughly. However, you can remove image and GIF backgrounds easily with the software, even if you are a beginner. The multiple applications make it a good GIF background remover.

The software offers useful tutorials to ease your editing and graphics designing journey. For better results, consider making the image smoother or more abrupt by adding or removing more frames from the timeline. Here’s how to use it:

  • Run the Software: First, open up Adobe Photoshop on your computer. Click "File" and select "Open" to upload the image you want to work on.
  • Choose the Subject: Some tools are on the screen's left side. Pick the one called "Magic Wand" or "Quick Selection." It looks like a digital paintbrush.
  • Select the Background: Click and drag the tool over the background of your image. You'll see a dashed line around your subject, which means it's selected.
  • Delete the Background: Go to the "Select" menu at the top and pick "Inverse." This will switch the selection from your subject to the background. Hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard. You may have to confirm it. The background will disappear.
  • Save Your Work: go to "File" and choose "Save As." Select a format that supports a see-through background, like PNG. Save your edited image.

The interface of Adobe Photoshop


VivaVideo - simple and user-friendly editing app

VivaVideo is an editing app that you can use on the go. The tool's interface is simple and user-friendly, with all the options right before you, yet not overpopulated. VivaVideo allows users to perform several functionalities, including editing, slideshows, audio conversions, and a mixer. If you start working on your project and stop before you are done, it will be saved in the Draft from where you can access it later.

VivaVideo allows users to remove GIF backgrounds. To remove a background to your GIF or video, follow the steps below:

  • Open VivaVideo: Open the VivaVideo app on your device.
  • Select Your Video Background: Choose the video background you want to use as the new backdrop for your image. You can find this in your device's gallery or within VivaVideo's media library.
  • Add the GIF: After selecting your video background, tap on the "overlay" icon or option within VivaVideo. It's usually represented by a plus (+) sign or a layer icon.
  • Adjust the GIF: select the GIF you want to add to your image, and it will appear on the video background.
  • Remove the Old Background: Look for an option like "Remove Background." This should be available within the app. It's like erasing the original background.
  • Save Your Edited Image: Once you're satisfied with the result, save the edited image with the new video background.

The interface of VivaVideo


EZGIF-the best background-removing tools on the market that offer free basic tools EZGIF is among the best background-removing tools on the market that offer free basic tools. The tool allows you to manipulate your images and GIFs with a few clicks. The tool can make other GIF adjustments like cropping, format conversion, optimization, speed adjustments, and more on individual JPG files. Follow this guide to use the tool:

  • Open the EZGIF Website: Open your web browser and Navigate to the EZGIF website.
  • Go to the EZGIF Website: Open your web browser on your device and type in the EZGIF website.
  • Use the Color Replacement Tool: Look for the "Color Replacement" tool. It is located under the "Effects" or "Transform" section.
  • Use the tool to make your background Transparent: There are options in the "Color Replacement" too. Select the background color you want to remove. You should know the HEX code of that color.
  • Adjust the Settings: EZGIF often allows you to fine-tune the settings. You can control how closely it matches the color you've chosen and how aggressive the color replacement is. Make adjustments as needed.
  • Apply the Changes: After setting the color replacement parameters, click the "Apply" or "Replace" button. EZGIF will then replace the background color you selected with transparency.
  • Save Your Edited Image: Once the background is removed, find the "Save" or "Download" option on the website. Save the edited image with a transparent background to your computer.

The interface of EZGIF


GifMaker- the online tool that gives you unrestricted GIF processing features

Giftmaker is an online tool that gives you unrestricted GIF processing features. It's a web-based solution with a simple user interface that lets you drag and drop your files for enhancement. It is a free tool that allows simultaneous GIF uploads of up to 100 images, less than 7 MB in size.

Giftmaker is well known for adding GIF backgrounds. You can check the results of each action you take on the preview window and see if your adjustments are working for you. This tool can tweak each frame, resize the GIFs, and change their speed. The interface of Giftmaker


Gifmagic-the image editor with essential features necessary for enhancing images

GIFmagic is the ultimate image editing tool. It has an intuitive user interface with essential features necessary for enhancing images. It allows uploads from third-party sources. However, you can't upload files simultaneously.

You can use GIFmagic to crop or resize your GIFs as you look at them. The free tool gives you an efficient and affordable way of adding GiF backgrounds. You can access it on the go on your phone or computer browser.

Flexibility in editing is a necessary feature. You can export or make changes to your GIF easily. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the GIFmagic Website: Start by opening the GIFmagic website on your device.
  • Upload Your Image: Next, upload the image whose background you want to remove. You can either upload the image directly from your computer or provide a link to the image if it's an online site.
  • Remove the Background: Find the tool for removing the background. This may be labelled as "Remove Background" or something similar.
  • Customize the Editing: Depending on the features offered by GIFmagic, you can fine-tune the background removal process.
  • Apply the Changes: After configuring the background removal settings, click on the "Apply" or "Process" button. GIFmagic will then process your image to remove the background.
  • Save Your Edited Image: Once the background is successfully removed, you'll usually see an option to save or download the edited image. Click on that option to save your image with the transparent background to your computer. The interface of GIFmagic


Do you want to know how to remove background from gif or image using an image editor? Your search is over. I have given you many tools with many features for beginners and experts. They are right at your fingertips.

Imagewith.AI‘Outcut can remove backgrounds automatically, and it works smoothly with your computer. But you don't have to take my word for it – try one of the background tools and see how cool it is to remove backgrounds from images.


What is a GIF?

GIF is an aspect of a video that's trimmed and converted into a file format known as GIF.

Can you remove the background from GIF?

Sure, anyone can have their GIF background removed. You can use online image Editors like ImageWith.Ai to remove the background within a few seconds.

What makes GIFs so popular?

GIFS are widely known because they're more exciting and easy to understand than large videos or messages.

The brain processes GIFs faster compared to text or letters. It combines motion and images.

Can you remove the GIF background in Canva?

Yes, you can remove the GIF background in Canva. But, this is only available on Canva Pro, a paid version of Canva.